The Sorcerous Scoundrel

In a market quarter, near an outcrop of rune-carved stone. It stands adjacent to a well-guarded warehouse. Located in Thorp of Taernsby


The inn is a two-storey stone-walled building, with carved wooden doors and a large cellar. Accomodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woolen mattresses. A large private bathhouse is available to guests.

The innkeeper is a willowy male halfling named Ilcoc.


Steamed Veal with Mace and Olive Pie, Glass of Wine (3 sp) Stewed Mutton and Blue Cheese, Tankard of Stout (10 cp) Stewed Mutton and Pecan Bread, Tankard of Stout (11 cp) Steamed Pheasant and Leek, Glass of Cider (3 sp)


Abeth Pyley: Female Halfling Soldier, Good. Abeth has a round face, with matted brown hair and soft hazel eyes. She is philosophical and morose. Abeth seeks a company of adventurers to thwart the monstrous plan of Berica the Gargoyle Baroness. Geoffry Goodwe: Male Human Scholar, Evil. Geoffry has a square face, with gray hair and green eyes. He wears modest garments and numerous rings. Geoffry is quiet, and says as little as possible.


  • There’s a magical portal in the highest tower of Steinedotr’s Hold
  • The entire Priests Guild mysteriously disappeared last night
  • A seductive devil prowls through the Desert of Flames
  • A star has fallen into the Minah Waste
  • The legendary hero Gyles is held captive within the Temple of the Demon Princess, charmed by a seductive devil
  • The goblins of the Shrine of Shadowy Chaos are as strong as giants

The Sorcerous Scoundrel

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