The Faith of the Praised One

Type: monotheism (slightly matriarchal)
Direction: inwards
Focus: biofeedback/control of subconscious

Deity: The Goddess of Valour
Titles: The Champion, The Praised One

Divine Interaction: only on specific days (holidays, etc)

Involves: many prophets
Afterlife: involves fire and brimstone for evildoers and can be reached by the living, with effort
Supernatural: malevolent nature spirits, angels (benevolent ghosts), ambivolent nature spirits

Worship: joyous group prayer in public temples
Holidays: few
Holidays Celebrate: saints, new moons, martyrs
Major Holiday(s): are more celebration than prayer

Clergy: both genders
Function: historians, interpreters of scripture/myth
Lifestyle: monastic
Family: rare (celibacy encouraged)
Chosen: ordained by other clergy
Distinguished By: dyed/shaven hair Cultural Aspects

Symbol: is a(n) 13-pointed star
Holy Color: crimson

Passed Down: via a strong oral tradition with some writings
Creation Myth Type: world-parent
Mortals’ Origin: chosen from among animals
Major Myth/Symbol(s): the serpent, the cave

Deadly Sins: dishonesty and avarice
High Virtues: temperance and charity

Associated Artform: songs

Coming of Age: 13 years old
Coming of Age Rite: involves tattooing/scarification

Marriage: is highly informal
Marriage Rites: involve large-scale celebrations

Death Rites: are performed after a period of mourning

Major Taboo: discussing religion with outsiders

Prevalence: common
Outsiders: are discriminated against

The Faith of the Praised One

Risus: Magipocalypse ealtmyer ealtmyer